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What is Domotica

For one domotica is a home that life course is installed. For others, it is in every room speakers, blinds / shades / blinds and screens with automatic light when you enter the room.

To us, domotica is installation and integration of the needs of the user, so that the facilities are nice and easy to operate and optimally come into their own. This helps the installation to the comfort of the user.

Actually it is about lifestyle and not about the installation itself. You just live better. If you go to bed, with your touch panel remote you can close all the curtains or blinds, turn down the heat, turn down the lights except for the way to your bedroom and security. You can see at a glance that everything is in order and that gives a pleasant feeling. Another service we often is offer the 24-hour monitoring. All modules in the house be called once per hour from a central MR Domotica at to see if it is still functioning. If something is not working we can take preventative action. Sometimes we can reset things online, but we will contact you to make an appointment if that is not possible. It even goes so far that we can warn the customer that the lamp in his home cinema projector is nearing the end of its life. Each system is once broken, that's a given, but with proper monitoring, you can avoid a lot. One of the reasons why we can call ourselves a leader is that very high service level. Our unique overarching vision is another reason.