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MR Domotica

MR Domotica currently has thirteen employees. At the helm of the organization is Mike Metz, a passionate entrepreneur with a passion for living smarter and more comfortable.

MR Domotica started over twenty years ago as MR Engineering, specialist in installation. In the late nineties, the company opted for an extension direction Custom Install. The idea that you could listen to music from a central location in more than one room was spoke enormously. "The integration of other functions in such a system, such as the control of lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and security, creates a huge increase everyone's comfort. Our company would like to contribute to this.

Since the expansion direction Custum Install our company has specialized in the residential sector. MR Domotica has certified KNX specialists for both programming and installation, you have come to the right place. As a dealer of leading brands like Lutron, AMX and Crestron, both in the audiovisual sector and in the housing market smarter, MR Domotica itself as a partner for installers who have the ambition to bring their finished product to a higher level.